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Need The Best Quality On Your Tiling Project ? We Are Here For You !

Why Choose XLeveling ?

Some Awesome features of XLeveling

High Quality Finishes

Looking at your walls and floors should be a pleasure! XLeveling can make sure you finish the job with perfect leveling and rest asure that your tiles will look beautiful.

Save Money

Yes! You can 101% save money on your tiling project. If the job is done correctly, you will have no errors to fix and no extra labour or tiles to pay for.

Work Faster

Each tile will be leveled by XLeveling - no need to level each tile indivitually. Much faster pace at laying the tiles.

No errors

Avoid unleveled surfaces, or lippage after the tile glue dries up. With our leveling systems you make sure no headaches occur after the tiles are laid.

Important Pages

Pages to get you started Right Away

Advantages of the End User

Beautifully Looking Surfaces

Got high quality tiles ? Make sure the mouning will also be high quality. Who wants a crookedly hanged Picasso painting on their wall ?  

Advantages of the Tiler

Faster, Better, Perfect

Work faster, work better, offer superiour quality to your customers. Excellent jobs are followed by a great reputation. 

Advantages of the Developer / Constructor

No Errors, No Headaches

Our Leveling Systems will make sure that the chances of error durring laying of tiles are reduced to the minimum. 


Choose the pricing Right for you


from €5

per 100 pcs Clips
  • For Small Projects
  • For Tiler Teams
  • For End Users
  • Orders up to 15000 bags


from €2,75

per 100 pcs clips
  • For small DIY Stores
  • For Tile Stores
  • For Developers
  • Orders larger than 15000 bags



per 100 pcs clips
  • For medium DIY Stores
  • For Tile Stores
  • For Distribution
  • Orders larger than 288000 bags

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